Centrum Fundraiser

Centrum needed branded narrative content to accompany their fundraising campaign on Giving Tuesday. I was happy to provide that for them.

It was mid-November and Giving Tuesday was swiftly approaching. Centrum needed video content that would communicate their core message to potential donors while inspiring them to give. Centrum is a wonderful client of mine and I was happy to jump in and do my best to create that for them.
POST PRODUCTION STAGE 3: Color correction starts in stage three of my post-production workflow. After ingesting the footage and creating a rough proxy edit, I export an EDL for use in Scratch Assimilate, where I do the majority of my color correction and grading with the RAW footage. It is one of the most rewarding processes in post to watch your colors come alive.
MID-SHOOT CREATIVE REVISION: The sketch pad was a wonderful example of a concept that is very integral to my creative process. I believe that no matter how much you have planned a shoot, there has to be a moment when you step away from your hectic shoot and re-visit the creative process. This process often yields unexpectedly unique and beautiful results. In this case, the notebook became symbolic of deep change in a child's creative process.
SHOOTING: I was able to work with two wonderfully talented subjects to convey the distinct and often unidentifiable line between simply creating, and being lost in your art.
INTERFACE: Recently I had worked with Centrum to create a promotional video for the Port Townsend Ukulele Festival, and so I was able to utilize my existing knowledge of their marketing goals and objectives to quickly turn out a suite of ideas for a fund-raising video. The above image is a black and white of the historic Fort Warden, where Centrum is located. It was incorporated into my initial brainstorming.
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